Our Bed and Breakfast in Wals near Salzburg

Farmer with body and soul

Franz Santner operates his own agriculture and the cattle trade in addition to the Bed and Breakfast. As he puts it so beautifully, "I am farmer with body and soul." A total livestock of 40 cattle on the farm, which mainly produces milk, but also meat for the Bed and Breakfast Santner.

Breakfast buffet and Agribusiness- a wonderful addition

Ever since there is Agribusiness and the Bed and Breakfast. Both operations complement each other in the most wonderful way. Guests at the Bed and Breakfast Santner can enjoy first-class milk and excellent beef and chicken from their own manufacture/livestock- and you can taste it! When it comes to our products you know the origin of the food and you can trust the high quality.

Inquiries & Booking

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+43 662 850595

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